Re-Branding Joey D’s

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Re-Branding Joey D’s. Their identity was dated, labeling a restaurant that is so well known in it’s hometown as a ‘restaurant and pizzeria’ felt so antiquated. It was time for a modern feel.

The Logo

The logo was a simple one, Joey didn’t want a drastic change, so we decided to keep the core component of the logo, the “Joey D’s” cursive writing. We ditched the ‘restaurant and pizzeria’ text, and placed the logo inside a red circle. We decided to add the circle due to it’s iconic shape in the pizza business.

The Takeout Menu

Times new roman, photocopied 1000 times over, Microsoft word food clipart… enough said. It needed a professional touch, one thing that Joey didn’t want, was  10,000 copies of a menu sitting in boxes piled up in some closet. This makes sense, if we did something like that, we would essentially be stuck with outdated menu’s if we ever need to change prices or if we find a major error that was overlooked during editing, or if we simply want to add on new items. We opted for a different approach, one i have personally never actually even seen in the industry before. We decided to go with an 11″ x 17″ format, to keep with the minimalism, we opted for only two photos, which we took ourselves and they are actually authentic Joey D’s dishes, both homemade! We classily placed them in, avoiding text wrapping or background images that are all too common on takeout menus. To make sure the menu’s are of the upmost quality, we print in house, in small batches and hand deliver to Joey D’s every few weeks.

The Dining Room Menu

Multi page vinyl menu covers, inlayed photocopies. There is absolutely nothing I hate more than a dirty menu at a restaurant. The vinyl creases and it’s to expensive to replace often. What did we do? 11 x 17 card stock, full color logo. They get weeks of use and when they get dirty, no one cries!


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